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Continuum subtraction, two updates
« on: 2019 September 23 10:11:41 »
Two scripts with my method of continuum subtraction have been updated.

1. CS.js

Subtracts the continuum from a narrowband image (1 channel) and returns a new view. One can then add the reduced view with any amplification to the appropriate broadband channel using PixelMath: $T + reducedView * amplification

Stored in my repository and here:

2. EmissionLineIntegration.js

Adds up to 3 narrowband channels to a RGB image. If more than 3 narrowband images belong to the image, use CS.js instead.

Stored in my repository and here:


TOA-150, ML8300, CFW2-7 w. Astronomik HaLRGB, PDF, EM-400, guiding FS-60 + ST402, ASCOM bsd. image acquisition