Author Topic: Help creating a new script!  (Read 313 times)

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Help creating a new script!
« on: 2019 June 14 19:02:36 »

Please, please forgive me if I am not supposed to do this, I am brand new to this forum, have tons of questions, but for now, I need help with making a script!

Here's what I would need the script to do:

Set RGBWorkingSpace globally to 1,1,1
Extract the luminance layer (L) of each file that I will add to the batch.
Use the extracted luminance layer of each file, as the mask for that file, inverted.
Apply MultiScaleLinearTransform at settings I have preselected, to each file, with the inverted luminance mask.
Save the noise reduced file.

I need to do this very often, with dozens of images, and it's very, very tedious, even with Image Container...

Or maybe if someone can help me to know how to have Image Container know that the luminance layer A is for image A, the luminance layer B is for image B, etc... because currently I have to go file by file an select the created luminance layers.