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Hello Newby! we would like to introduce PixInsight Resources

This website is dedicated to provide practical resources to PixInsight image analysis and processing plataform. Tutorials, videos and resources offered here do not represent official resources. They were created by Alejandro Tombolini (Próxima Sur) and Enzo De Bernardini (Astronomía Sur) with several contributors in order to provide useful material to PixInsight community.

The heart of the website is a series of short Video Tutorials dedicated to recognize the interface, carefully organized and where it has tried to maintain a close relationship with PixInsight nomenclature.

In order to facilitate the learning of those who do not handle the English language fluently and as our native language is Spanish, decided to make it in both languages. Finally we add the French because family and friends offered to assist with this (under construction).
There may be misspellings or own language expressions that could be drawn differently, we apologize about it and if you want to suggest any corrections let us know through the contact form.

The Video Tutorials section is ordered alphabetically and contains a search engine that filters while you type a word, which is extremely flexible and practical. For example, typing the word "mask" will be shown all the videos that contain that word in their title.
In turn, each video has related documentation, for example the video "Add To Favorites" will be related to "Remove From Favorites" and "Set Default Favorites", and all those videos will be part of the family "process".

Processing Examples are some that have been published in this forum and we will add the rest and those new to come.

The site has been carefully adapted to make it comfortable to navigate with phones and tablets. The aim is that those who are familiarizing with the use of the interface can watch the videos in short periods of time and at the place where they are without the need of a computer.
From Home can be accessed through two comfortable icons to sections Video Tutorials and Processing Examples, as well as directly to the latest updates of them.

If you wish, from the browser of the device may add a shortcut to the page which will have as icon the PixInsight Resources logo :).


PS: We recommend viewing in Firefox or Chrome.


Hello Newby! queremos presentarles PixInsight Resources

Este sitio web se encuentra dedicado a brindar recursos prácticos a los usuarios de la plataforma de análisis y procesamiento de imágenes PixInsight. Los tutoriales, videos y recursos ofrecidos aquí no representan recursos oficiales. Fueron creados y organizados por Alejandro Tombolini (Próxima Sur) y Enzo De Bernardini (Astronomía Sur) junto con varios colaboradores con el fin de aportar material útil a la comunidad de PixInsight.

El corazón del sitio web es una serie de Tutoriales en Video de corta duración con conceptos básicos dedicados al reconocimiento de la interfaz, organizados cuidadosamente y donde se ha tratado de mantener una relación estrecha con la nomenclatura de la aplicación.

Con el fin de facilitar el aprendizaje de quienes no manejan fluidamente el idioma Inglés y como nuestra lengua nativa es el Español, decidimos hacerla en ambos idiomas. Finalmente agregamos el Francés ya que familiares y amigos se ofrecieron a colaborar con esto (en construcción).
Es posible que existan errores de escritura o expresiones propias del idioma que podrían redactarse de otra manera, les pedimos disculpas al respecto y si desean sugerir alguna corrección nos lo hagan saber a través del formulario de contacto.

La sección de Tutoriales en Video está ordenada alfabéticamente y contiene un buscador que filtra a medida que se va escribiendo una palabra, lo cual es extremadamente ágil y práctico. Por ejemplo, escribiendo la palabra "mask" (máscara) aparecerán todos los videos que contienen esa palabra en su título.
A su vez cada video tiene documentación relacionada, por ejemplo el video "Add To Favorites" estará relacionado con "Remove From Favorites" y "Set Default Favorites", y todos estos formarán parte de la familia de videos "process"

Los Ejemplos de Procesamiento son algunos que han sido publicados en este foro y agregaremos el resto y los nuevos que vendrán.

El sitio ha sido cuidadosamente adaptado para que resulte cómodo de navegar con teléfonos y tabletas. El objetivo es que quienes se están familiarizando con el uso de la interfaz puedan mirar los videos en cortos períodos de tiempo libre y en el lugar en que se encuentren sin necesidad de disponer de un ordenador.
Desde el Inicio se puede acceder a través de dos cómodos iconos a las secciones de Tutoriales en Videos y Ejemplos de Procesamiento, así como también directamente a las últimas actualizaciones de los mismos.
Si lo desean, desde el navegador del dispositivo podrán añadir un acceso directo a la página que tendrá como icono el logo de PixInsight Resources :).


PD: Recomendamos la visualización con Firefox o Chrome.
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Wow! Excellent! Thank you.
Looked at one of your galaxy processing tutorials. Now I have to redo everything  ;)


Really great job, the bunch of short videos will be extremelly useful, especially for beginners, but also for no so beginners.
Thanks for your hard work
-- bitli
Absolut phantastic idea. Thats what we need!
Thank you very much for doing such great work.

Kind regards

Not had a chance to look at everything , but its obvious that you have put in a lot of work  8)

Many thanks for this and I think plenty of people will appreciate it

Kind regards

Excellent effort, Alejandro and Enzo!

The site looks very nice and feels very efficient. I like the design and functionality, very searchable and straight to the point.

It is going to become a goto reference, for sure.

Hello all,

I too would like to congratulate you on your considerable effort in putting together this valuable resource.
The appearance of the website looks very modern and a nice colour scheme and works well.
Top marks to all.


Thank you very much everyone for your kind comments. It's great to know that both the content and the design of the website have been welcomed by PixInsight community. And a special thanks to Juan for his support!

Thanks! :D

Hi all,

We have been working in some updates of the site. Here a quick list of the news  :)

1) New section "Articles" is now present from Resources>Articles. There are four articles presents on it.

Frequently used short names
RAW de-Bayer Interpolations
Resizing and Publishing
PixelMath Blending Modes

2) Several new videos has been added:

Apply Inverted Mask
Contextual Menu
Drag Over View Selector Tray
Edit Instance Source Code
Iconize Image
JPG Settings
Pan Mode (1)
Pan Mode (2)
Shade Image
Shift To Move Up
Tools - Pan Mode (1)
Tools - Pan Mode (2)
Tools - Zoom Controls
Tools - Zoom In Mode
Tools - Zoom In Out Mode
Tools - Zoom Out Mode
Zoom In Mode
Zoom In Out Mode
Zoom Out Mode

3) More Video Tutorials have been translated to French.

Alejandro and Enzo, this is absolutely amazing work!  The "forum" tutorials you produced up to this point have been the most complete reference that has been made available, so it comes as no surprise that you have taken it to yet a higher level.  This reference site should help just about anyone become familiar with basic and advanced operations within PI.

I'd go so far to say it should be referenced in all the built-in PI documentation that isn't completed yet.  Even if it's just hyperlinks to the external site.

Thank you both for your generosity to the PI community.  You should have good karma flowing your way for some time to come.