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Gallery / NGC 891 in PI
« on: 2014 May 12 07:29:15 »
Hello, I plan on attending the June PI Workshop at Harvard, and in preparation I have started my first PI image processing set. I have only begun the luminance processing, so it is by no means final.  After a couple of days with Warren and Rogelio's IP4AP tutorial no. 1, I am finding my way around ok in PI.  I look forward to the process, and can see why PI is held in such high regard. I will update the processing as I move forward.

General / Current version
« on: 2010 November 16 14:55:43 »
I admit to some confusion over what the current Win 64 bit version is.  My 'about' dialog in PI says the following:

PixInsight Core for Windows (x86_64 - 64-bit)
Core version (commercial)

Is this the most recent version? I have checked the software download page I received, and it seems to be.

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