cannot reproduce PI crashing in WBPP (PI 1597 released 2024-01-19)


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have one filter running and system crashes in WBPP. Always need to reset my resources as well after crash.



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was this during WBPP interactive LN file selection/generation as that has happened to me twice in a row today immediately after first filter batch (I have 7) . I am proceeding without using Interactive mode for now.
I am having exactly this problem, it's failing during LN using interactive file selection. I get to through the Ha, OIII, SII, and then Red, after doing generate, which seems to pass, I select the generated file and then it all crashes (PI closes) but windows is still running. It's occurred twice on me in a row and failing in the same place. The dataset is not large. There is a warning at the end of the log (162) to undefined property but not anything that tells me what's wrong.


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I can't tell that anyone is really looking at this, but an added diagnostic is when I stop using the interactive mode, the batch processing completes and generates all the files without error.
My issue was completely solved by increasing swap space on Linux. I started by increasing my swap space in M2 space, but then purchased more RAM to 64GB. When integrating rgbl with 300-600 subs, ram requirements were north of 64GB.