pcl::EphemerisMetadata Struct Reference

Metadata items available in ephemeris files (XEPH format). More...

#include <EphemerisFile.h>

Public Attributes

String authors
 The names of one or more persons or groups that have created the data in this file.
String briefDescription
 A brief (single-line) description of this XEPH file.
String copyright
 Copyright information applicable to the data stored in this XEPH file.
TimePoint creationTime
 The date this file was created.
String creatorApplication
 The software application or program that created this file.
String creatorOS
 The operating system on which this file was created.
String description
 A full description of the data stored in this XEPH file.
String organizationName
 The name of the organization responsible for this file.
String title
 A title that represents or identifies this XEPH file.

Detailed Description

This structure holds metadata items that can be stored in ephemeris files (current XEPH format version 1.0). For an existing ephemeris file, available metadata are extracted directly from XML file headers. Currently all items are optional, so all data members of this structure can be empty strings.

For generation of new XEPH files, the creationTime and creatorOS members of this structure will be ignored, since the corresponding metadata items will always be defined automatically by the EphemerisFile::Serialize() routine. The specified creatorApplication member, if empty, will be replaced in the same routine with a default value identifying the current PCL version.

Definition at line 96 of file EphemerisFile.h.

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