pcl::AngleConversionOptions Struct Reference

A set of options specific for string representations of angles. More...

#include <String.h>

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Public Member Functions

constexpr AngleConversionOptions (unsigned precision=2, unsigned width=3, char padding=' ')
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::SexagesimalConversionOptions
constexpr SexagesimalConversionOptions (unsigned items_=3, unsigned precision_=2, bool sign_=false, unsigned width_=0, char separator_=':', char padding_=' ')
 SexagesimalConversionOptions (const SexagesimalConversionOptions &)=default
SexagesimalConversionOptionsoperator= (const SexagesimalConversionOptions &)=default

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from pcl::SexagesimalConversionOptions
unsigned items: 2
char padding
unsigned precision: 4
char separator
bool sign: 1
unsigned width: 4

Detailed Description

This is a convenience structure to ease string representations of angles in the range [0°,360°) as degrees, minutes and seconds of arc.

See also
IsoString::ToSexagesimal(), String::ToSexagesimal(), SexagesimalConversionOptions, LongitudeConversionOptions, RAConversionOptions, LatitudeConversionOptions, DecConversionOptions

Definition at line 243 of file String.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AngleConversionOptions()

constexpr pcl::AngleConversionOptions::AngleConversionOptions ( unsigned  precision = 2,
unsigned  width = 3,
char  padding = ' ' 

Constructs an AngleConversionOptions structure initialized for the specified precision and first item width and padding character. The string representation will consist of three items separated by spaces. If width is nonzero, the first item will be represented right-justified within a field of width padding characters.

Definition at line 252 of file String.h.

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