pcl::MaskMode Namespace Reference

Mask rendering modes for image display and bitmap renditions. More...

Detailed Description

Mask rendering modes define how masked pixels are represented on bitmap renditions of images. The traditional mode used by PixInsight has always been MaskMode::Multiply, which simply multiplies each pixel of a screen rendition by its mask image counterpart.

Since PixInsight version 1.5.5, an additional set of overlay mask rendering modes is available, providing more accurate representations in several user-selectable colors. A new replace mode has also been implemented to facilitate blinking comparisons between images and masks. The default mask rendering mode has been set to MaskMode::OverlayRed.

MaskMode::Replace Replaces the image by the mask.
MaskMode::Multiply Multiplies the image by the mask. This is the traditional mask rendering mode used by PixInsight before version 1.5.5.
MaskMode::OverlayRed Represents mask-protected pixels as red pixels on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayGreen Represents mask-protected pixels as green pixels on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayBlue Represents mask-protected pixels as blue pixels on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayYellow Represents mask-protected pixels as yellow pixels (red+green) on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayMagenta Represents mask-protected pixels as magenta pixels (red+blue) on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayCyan Represents mask-protected pixels as cyan pixels (green+blue) on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayOrange Represents mask-protected pixels as orange pixels (red + 1/2*green) on screen renditions.
MaskMode::OverlayViolet Represents mask-protected pixels as violet pixels (1/2*red + blue) on screen renditions.
MaskMode::Default Identifies the default mask rendering mode used by the PixInsight core application. Currently this corresponds to MaskMode::OverlayRed.