pcl::FileAttribute Namespace Reference

File attributes. More...

Detailed Description

File type
FileAttribute::Block Block special
FileAttribute::Character Character special
FileAttribute::FIFO FIFO special
FileAttribute::Regular Regular file
FileAttribute::Directory Directory
FileAttribute::SymbolicLink Symbolic link
FileAttribute::Socket Socket
FileAttribute::FileType Mask to isolate file type flags
File attributes
These are Windows-exclusive, except ReadOnly and Hidden, which we emulate on UNIX and Linux platforms.
FileAttribute::Archive File is archived
FileAttribute::Compressed File is compressed
FileAttribute::Encrypted File is encrypted
FileAttribute::Hidden File is hidden
FileAttribute::ReadOnly File is read-only
FileAttribute::System File is a system file
FileAttribute::Temporary File is a temporary file
FileAttribute::FileAttributes Mask to isolate file attributes flags
File permissions
FileAttribute::Read Owner can read
FileAttribute::Write Owner can write
FileAttribute::Execute Owner can execute/search
FileAttribute::ReadGroup Group can read
FileAttribute::WriteGroup Group can write
FileAttribute::ExecuteGroup Group can execute/search
FileAttribute::ReadOthers Others can read
FileAttribute::WriteOthers Others can write
FileAttribute::ExecuteOthers Others can execute/search
FileAttribute::FilePermissions Mask to isolate file permission flags