pcl::DisplayChannel Namespace Reference

Rendering modes for image display and bitmap renditions. More...

Detailed Description

DisplayChannel::Invalid Represents an invalid or undefined display mode
DisplayChannel::RGBK Composite RGB or Gray (normal display mode)
DisplayChannel::Red Red channel as grayscale
DisplayChannel::Green Green channel as grayscale
DisplayChannel::Blue Blue channel as grayscale
DisplayChannel::CIE_L CIE L* component
DisplayChannel::Lightness A synomym for DisplayChannel::CIE_L
DisplayChannel::ChrominanceRG Chrominance, CIE a*,b* as red+green composite
DisplayChannel::ChrominanceLFixed Chrominance, CIE L* fixed to 0.5
DisplayChannel::CIE_a CIE a* component
DisplayChannel::CIE_b CIE b* component
DisplayChannel::CIE_c CIE c* component
DisplayChannel::CIE_h CIE h* component
DisplayChannel::CIE_X CIE X component
DisplayChannel::CIE_Y CIE Y component
DisplayChannel::CIE_Z CIE Z component
DisplayChannel::Hue Hue from the HSV/HSI spaces
DisplayChannel::SaturationHSV Saturation from HSV
DisplayChannel::SaturationHSI Saturation from HSI
DisplayChannel::Value Value from HSV (V = Max(R,G,B))
DisplayChannel::Intensity Intensity from HSI (I = 0.5*(Min(R,G,B) + Max(R,G,B)))
DisplayChannel::Alpha First alpha channel (the rest as Alpha+n)