pcl::ColorSpace Namespace Reference

Supported color spaces. More...


String ChannelId (int colorSpace, int channel)
String Name (int colorSpace)
int NumberOfNominalChannels (int colorSpace)

Detailed Description

Current versions of the PixInsight platform support the following color spaces for images:

ColorSpace::Unknown Corresponds to an unknown or unsupported color space
ColorSpace::Gray Grayscale monochrome space
ColorSpace::RGB RGB color space
ColorSpace::CIEXYZ CIE XYZ color space
ColorSpace::CIELab CIE L*a*b* color space
ColorSpace::CIELch CIE L*c*h* color space
ColorSpace::HSV HSV color space: Hue, Saturation, Value
ColorSpace::HSI HSI color space: Hue, Saturation, Intensity

Function Documentation

◆ ChannelId()

String pcl::ColorSpace::ChannelId ( int  colorSpace,
int  channel 

Returns the identifier of a nominal channel in a specified color space.

colorSpaceA supported color space, identified by its corresponding symbolic constant.
channelThe index >= 0 of a nominal channel or component.

Referenced by pcl::ImageColor::ChannelId(), and NumberOfNominalChannels().

◆ Name()

String pcl::ColorSpace::Name ( int  colorSpace)

◆ NumberOfNominalChannels()