Standard Exception Classes


class  pcl::CaughtException
 An exception that has already been handled. More...
class  pcl::Error
 A simple exception with an associated error message. More...
class  pcl::Exception
 Root base class for all PCL exception classes. More...
class  pcl::FatalError
 Errors that cause immediate program termination. More...
class  pcl::NotImplemented
 An exception that indicates an unsupported feature. More...
class  pcl::ParseError
 Base class for exceptions thrown by parsing routines. More...
class  pcl::ProcessAborted
 An exception class signaling the interruption of a process. More...
class  pcl::SourceCodeError
 Base class for exceptions thrown by source code interpreters. More...


#define PCL_DECLARE_EXCEPTION_CLASS(className, exceptionClass, message)
 A macro to implement simple exception classes derived from Exception. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation


#define PCL_DECLARE_EXCEPTION_CLASS (   className,
class PCL_CLASS className : public pcl::Exception \
{ \
public: \
className() = default; \
className( const className& ) = default; \
pcl::String ExceptionClass() const override \
{ \
return exceptionClass; \
} \
pcl::String Message() const override \
{ \
return message; \
} \
Root base class for all PCL exception classes.
Definition: Exception.h:81
virtual String Message() const
Definition: Exception.h:113
virtual String ExceptionClass() const
Definition: Exception.h:105
classNameThe identifier of the exception class.
exceptionClassThe name of the exception class, as presented in formatted representations.
messageThe error message shown for this exception class.

Use this macro to define and implement exceptions classes that show constant error or warning messages.

In many cases using the Error exception class is preferable to create new exception classes with this macro.

Definition at line 634 of file Exception.h.