pcl::SerializableEphemerisDataList Class Reference

Dynamic list of Chebyshev polynomial expansions for ephemeris serialization. More...

#include <EphemerisFile.h>

Detailed Description

SerializableEphemerisDataList is a dynamic list of SerializableEphemerisData instances to cover the entire time span of an ephemeris file being serialized. Each instance in the list must cover a time subspan in ascending time order without gaps. The value of the startTime member of the first instance in the list must be equal to the lower bound of the time span covered by the file, and the startTime member of each subsequent instance in the list is equal to the upper bound of the subspan covered by the previous instance. These conditions are enforced by the EphemerisFile::Serialize() static member function, which is the standard resource for generation of ephemeris files in XEPH format.

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