Unable to get ImageSolver to work

Well, here's the latest.

I installed PI on my laptop and the same exact image solves, no problem.

I attempted to "Repair" PI on my main PC and that failed so I uninstalled PI, then reinstalled. The image solved [mind you no SPCC as I had not updated the repository].

Then I did the repository update installing SPCC...and it no longer solves.

I am trying to determine what it is on my system that could be preventing the image solver after I install SPCC?

I've just noticed something in your console logs. PI is coming up with an automatically calculated limit magnitude of 26.10 after eleven Gaia messages, but this magnitude does not appear until files 15 and 16. Is it possible that either you have lost the first four or five DR3 databse files, or that you don't have these files correctly configured in the GAIA preferences. If it can't find most of the brightest stars in the sky that could explain why it fails.
I am able to plate solve another image with same scope that used the L-Ultimate filter taken about 2 weeks ago.

Strange that I can plate solve without the DR3 files on my laptop with SPCC installed and I was able to plate solve on my main PC before installing SPCC. Once I installed SPCC I could no longer plate solve.
I dropped my anti-virus monitoring thinking maybe it was blocking a process but it mad no difference. I have NOTHING running other than PI and Chrome to access this conversation.
I'm still puzzled by the GAIA search count. Just out of interest, you could try configuring the GAIA preferences with only the first 4 files DR3 (it's all that you need for this image), then it can't come up with an absurd limit magnitude.
No go using just the first 4 files.

*** Error: Unable to find an initial set of putative star pair matches.

<* failed *>

*** Error: The image could not be aligned with the reference star field.

Please check the following items:

  • The initial coordinates should be inside the image.
  • The initial resolution should be within a factor of 2 from the correct value.
  • If you use an online star catalog through the VizieR service, consider using the Gaia DR3 catalog with local XPSD databases instead.
  • If the image has high noise levels, bad tracking, or is poorly focused, you may need to adjust some star detection parameters.

*** Error: Unable to plate solve image: Alignment failed.

This usually happens because the initial parameters are too far from the actual metadata of the image.
BTW, the rejection maps for this image are like nothing I've ever seen. Were there clouds or headlights or something else that contaminated some of the source frames?
LOL, no clouds or headlights. Bortle 7 skies? Possibly my flashlight impinging a few times when I came out to check the imaging, maybe my wife when she took out the dog??