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Bill Blanshan and I have released a new script designed to help reduce the size of stars. The script features a preview window so you can see what you are doing! A number of alternative approaches are offered, as well as parameters to control the extent of the reduction. The script provides the facility to save the reduced stars for later recombination with, for example, a narrowband starless image using the "reverse stretch" method introduced in our previous script "ScreenStars". Bill has created a video explaining the use of the new StarReduction script, and how it works alongside ScreenStars, on his YouTube channel: AnotherAstroChannel. You can obtain the script by adding the following url to your repository list:

Clear skies, Mike
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Beautiful! 🤩 Thank you guys! Awesome work.

(a little wish: a way to regulate the effect on small stars, like a way to define the limit from which they are considered "small")
Where has this been 3 weeks ago when I struggled with an image from one of my friends? :ROFLMAO:
But seriously, I watched the video from Bill which was very impressive and a huge respect for the documentation.

Mike: I've successfully installed and used the StarReduction script; but now it no longer appears in Script/Utilities. I have attempted to reinstall the script without luck. Can you offer suggestions? I don't think I can get along without your script! :cry:
@RoundStars Scripts > Feature Scripts... , click Add, navigate to StarReduction folder, click Open/OK, PI should find the script. Click Done. it should now be in the menu.
Hi Mike. Could there be a problem with the network there? Should I try latter? I copy and pasted the address. Pretty sure I have it right.


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Mike. I finally got it. Have it under processes as well as under Script, Utilities, StarReduction now. Use it all the time. It is Great!
Interesting - I have the script like you do in the manager repositories - but under Scripts -> Utilities Star reduction isn't appearing - but all the others do?

Any ideas? Delete and re-add the repository maybe?

Ah - just saw this commen above - that solved it! "Scripts > Feature Scripts... , click Add, navigate to StarReduction folder, click Open/OK, PI should find the script. Click Done."

Was there a problem in the script install commands I wonder?
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