I need to ask this well-known question again: I cannot export an Auto-Stretch as JPG or TIFF


Jun 28, 2020
I'm currently going through the well-known PixInsight learning curve... Since a days I realize that I cannot export my work into JPG or TIFF with my changes retained. In order to escape other possible traps, I simplified things I do to a min:
1. Run WeightedBatchPreProcessing to get the light master
2. Open it
3. Open ScreenTransferFunction
4. Run auto-stretch - my object shows up visible now.
5. Apply the auto-stretch with the square button . Yes, I already learned that the triangle button for "new instance" does not allow to retain changes in an export
5a. I already tried to do "Save As.." at this point and save to JPG or TIFF. Both files did not contain the auto-stretch changes
6. Now I saved the image under a different name
7. Close everything
8. Open the image using the new name. It opens with the auto-stretch changes retained
9. Go to "Save As..." and save to JPG or TIFF now.
10: Check the result: the exported files (both formats, just to be sure) still show the original "dark" image without auto-stretch applied

What is going on here? What did I miss something again as a beginner in the middle of the learning curve? Is "Save As..." not the right place to get an image in commonly used formats?