How to help us approve your forum registration request

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PixInsight Forum is a spam-free service. We are constantly improving our software and security resources to guarantee that no spammer (neither human nor machine/automatic) will be able to enter here.

One of those security measures is that all forum membership requests are manually revised and approved or rejected by our maintenance staff. No forum membership is approved until we can identify the requesting person as either one of our users (trial and commercial licenses are equally valid) or as an individual that has not been involved with spamming activities.

To facilitate our task and to accelerate our approval of your forum membership, please bear in mind the following when you send us a forum registration request:
  • We'll generally approve your request immediately if you register with the same email address currently associated with your license(s) (trial or commercial).

  • If you want to register with a different email address for some reason⁠—for example, because you are not a PixInsight user⁠—then please use that email address to write us (you can use our online contact form) specifying your full name, your requested forum user name, and that you are an individual involved with astronomy, astrophotography, science, technology, arts, etc., so we can verify that you are not a spammer. Some links to web pages or documents that identify you can also help greatly.
Thank you for your attention, and see you at PixInsight Forum!

The PixInsight Team at Pleiades Astrophoto S.L.
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