Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)


Aug 19, 2020
Hello, I started with Pixinsight just 3 months ago and been learning since then. I really like the power of the software. The following is my first finished image with PI and the one I used to learn. I'm pretty happy with the results and really welcome comments and suggestions.


Image Details
C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)​
TelescopeTakahashi FSQ-ED 106mm F5. Camera: SBIG STL-11000M.
FromNew Mexico - MPC H06
SubsL 3x120s bin1, RGB 1x60s bin2
Additional infoProcessed with Pixinsight 1.8.8. Star-stacked.
Total Exposure9min
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Aug 19, 2020
Hi @AstroHannes, I used this image to start with PI and learn. It took me around a month and I followed the tutorials in all the way down from "Basics" to "Preparing Images for Publication" skipping some of the post process steps that didn't make sense to my data. In summary I can say that the workflow was like the following. Hope this helps!

1. LINEAR - Pre Process (L, R, G, B separated)
  1. Image Calibration (darks, flats, bias)
  2. Cosmetic correction
  3. StarAlign
  4. Image Integration
    1. Local Normalization
    2. Image Integration with LN data.
2. RGB Color Combination - Pre Process
  1. StarAlign Separate Integrated Channels
  2. Crop black Edges (DynamicCrop)
  3. DBE (DynamicBackgroundExtraction)
  4. LinearFit
3. RGB Combination (L not yet)
  1. ChannelCombination on RGB
4. L & RGB separated Post Processing (Still LINEAR)
  1. BackgroundNeutralization (RGB)
  2. ColorCalibration or PhotometricColorCalibration (RGB)
  3. Deconvolution (didn’t do much on my L)
  4. NoiseReduction
    1. MultiScaleLinearTransform
    2. MultiScaleMedianTransform
    3. Other ACDNR and TGVDenoise (didn’t do)
5. L & RGB Combination —> LRGB PostProcess (LINEAR —> NON LINEAR)
  1. HistogramTransformation to L and RGB with STF params to make NON LINEAR
  2. LRGBCombination
  3. SCNR
  4. Sharpening fine details: MultiscaleLinearTransform (MUST DO!)
  5. HDRMultiScaleTransform
  6. LocalHistogramEqualization
  7. CurvesTransformation
  8. DarkStructureEnhance
  9. MultiscaleMedianTransform - again
  10. CurvesTransformation - again
6. Prepare for Publication.


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Sep 13, 2020
Hello Andrés,

many thanks. I will try in some gray autumn days to follow your advice.

I also tried with my Nikon Z6 Nikkor 50mm lens with a lot of Lights and the needed calibration
images (Flats, Darks, Biases). Here is one result which freezes the comet during a short time slot
of approx 45 min. The star stribes show not the move of the earth but the move of the comet.

I also was able to extract the nearly "dot"-form of the core or kernal of the comet. Which is not so bad for my small
equipment. But it will be better in future I will buy a iOptron 25p to guide my Nikon z6 ... this will be fun

again thanks for your advice, greetings and clear skies,

Johannes :)

Neowise - PI 1.jpg