Welcome to PixInsight, an image processing software solution for the world of astrophotography created by Pleiades Astrophoto with the help of a team of world-class astrophotographers.

This is PixInsight Limited Edition (LE), a freeware subset of PixInsight Standard. PixInsight LE allows you to perform some basic image processing and is also an introductory preview to the full standard edition. Yet, PixInsight LE includes exactly the same IEEE 32-bit floating point processing engine, the same powerful, object-oriented user interface, and some of the high-precision fundamental processing tools implemented in PixInsight Standard.

Following the tradition started by Pleiades Astrophoto with its widely used SGBNR (Selective Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction) application, PixInsight LE is also focused on noise reduction, including a new, highly improved implementation of the SGBNR algorithm. Optimized implementations of the median and erosion/dilation morphological filters, and the addition of the SCNR (Subtractive Chromatic Noise Reduction) algorithm, complete a set of noise reduction tools to meet the needs of virtually any astrophotographic work.

Starting with version 1.0.1, PixInsight LE includes the full ATrousWaveletTransform process that can be found in the standard edition of the application. This is an extremely powerful and versatile tool for multiscale processing, with outstanding performance for the tasks of image restoration, detail enhancement and small-scale noise reduction.

To be highlighted also is the inclusion of PixelMath, a flexible process to perform pixel-level operations between images. PixelMath can handle an unlimited set of images to apply a comprehensive set of arithmetic and logical operators.

Added values are the histogram manipulation and curves adjustment tools, as well as the whole set of geometric transforms of PixInsight Standard. All the tools and processes included in PixInsight LE are the same ones that have been implemented in the full standard edition as of the date of release.