pcl::XMLNodeType Namespace Reference

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String AsString (mask_type type)

Detailed Description

XMLNodeType::Undefined Undefined XML node type.
XMLNodeType::ChildNode Signals a child XML document node - for internal use only.
XMLNodeType::Unknown Represents an unsupported XML node type.
XMLNodeType::Element An XML element.
XMLNodeType::Text A text block inside an element's contents.
XMLNodeType::CDATA A CDATA section.
XMLNodeType::ProcessingInstructions A processing instructions (PI) section.
XMLNodeType::PI A synonym to ProcessingInstructions.
XMLNodeType::Comment A comment block.

Function Documentation

◆ AsString()

String pcl::XMLNodeType::AsString ( mask_type  type)

Returns the name of the specified XML node type ("element", "text", "comment", etc).

Referenced by pcl::Version::Number(), and pcl::PixInsightVersion::Number().