XISF Support Classes


 XISF block byte order
 XISF block checksum algorithms
 XISF block compression codecs
 XISF log message types


class  pcl::XISF
 Utility functions, data and constants for XISF support. More...
struct  pcl::XISFFileSignature
 XISF monolithic file signature More...
class  pcl::XISFLogHandler
 XISF stream message logger More...
class  pcl::XISFOptions
 XISF-specific file options More...
class  pcl::XISFReader
 XISF input file stream More...
class  pcl::XISFWriter
 XISF output file stream More...

Detailed Description

This group of classes can be used to implement XISF support in PixInsight modules as well as in external applications. They don't require a running PixInsight core application and don't have dependencies outside the standard PCL distribution on all supported platforms.

All publicly declared classes in this group are thread-safe: they can be instantiated and their member functions can be called from different threads running concurrently.

For introductory usage examples, see the utility command-line applications included in the PCL distribution. For an advanced example, see the source code of the XISF format support PixInsight module.

The latest XISF specification document is available at:


For general information on XISF, including the latest news on the format and its development: