Software Tutorials

PixInsight tutorials and processing examples have been authored by PTeam members and expert users. Each tutorial has been organized as an independent set of HTML documents and images.

Tutorials range from introductory documents to describe basic techniques, to background works on advanced image processing topics. In some cases tutorials include raw images and project files that you can use to reproduce the described procedures and examples with PixInsight.

Multiscale Gradient Correction

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV)

This article gives an in-depth description of a novel method for correction of light gradients in astronomical images. This new method delivers much more reliable and accurate results than software-based solutions for images of low surface brightness objects.

Correcting Defective Lines in PixInsight

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV)

This article describes a new methodology and two new scripts for correction of linear defects in astronomical images: LinearDefectDetection and LinearPatternSubtraction, available since PixInsight core version 1.8.8-3.

New Plate Solving Distortion Correction Algorithm in PixInsight

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

The latest version 5.3 of the ImageSolver script provides important improvements on the accuracy of our astrometric solutions. This article describes and tests the implemented algorithm with examples, usage recommendations, and a formal description.

Photometry-Based Color Calibration in PixInsight

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV) and Juan Conejero (PTeam)

This article describes PhotometricColorCalibration (PCC), a new tool to apply a white balance to deep-sky images based on photometry measurements of stars, with examples and practical usage notes.

ALHAMBRA Survey: RGB Image Synthesis

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV/CAHA) and Juan Conejero (PTeam)

With 23 medium band photometric and near infrared filters, ALHAMBRA Survey data pose a difficult problem for RGB image synthesis. We describe our color calibration methodology and its implementation using the PixInsight JavaScript Runtime (PJSR).

Arbitrary Distortion Correction with StarAlignment

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

StarAlignment is a sophisticated tool for automatic image registration of deep-sky images. This document describes some important improvements and features that we have implemented in recent versions of the StarAlignment tool.

A Comparison of Noise Reduction Algorithms

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

A rigorous comparison of the noise reduction tools implemented in PixInsight with two challenging synthetic images.

Dynamic Range and Local Contrast

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV/CAHA)

Advanced techniques for dynamic range compression and local contrast enhancement in PixInsight. With an image of NGC 7023 (Iris nebula) acquired with the 1.23 meter telescope at Calar Alto Observatory.

24-Bit Screen LUTs in PixInsight 1.8

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

One of the most important new features introduced in version 1.8 of PixInsight is 24-bit screen transfer function lookup tables. This greatly improves visualization of weak and HDR linear images.

Ringing-Free Sharpening with MultiscaleMedianTransform

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

The multiscale median transform (Starck et al., 2010) allows for ringing-free image transformations. This brief tutorial compares MMT with other algorithms based on linear operations for local contrast enhancement.

Noise Reduction with MultiscaleMedianTransform

Juan Conejero (PTeam)

The multiscale median transform (Starck et al., 2010) is more efficient than the wavelet transform in terms of isolation of image structures. This makes MMT particularly well suited for noise reduction applications.

Master Calibration Frames: Acquisition and Processing

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV/CAHA)

A review of image acquisition and processing methodologies optimized for generation of master calibration frames with the ImageCalibration tool in PixInsight.

A New Approach to Combination of Broadband and Narrowband Data

Vicent Peris (PTeam/OAUV/CAHA)

With raw NGC 2074 data acquired by Jack Harvey (SSRO/PROMPT)