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DynamicPSF problem
« on: 2016 June 25 15:08:32 »
I am measuring the separation of visual double stars and have one star that DynamicPSF is having trouble resolving.

The location (pixels) of the first star is: 1794, 1258
The location of the second star is: 1794, 1273

The center of the stars are separated by 15 pixels.

When using STF Autostretch the stars almost touch each other (ie, the outer faint fringes of the stars are separated by 1 pixel).

When I run Dynamic PSF and click on the first star it draws a box around the correct star but puts the x on the other star.  It reports cx,cy as: 1794, 1273.

I changed the star detection search radius to 4 but it still did it.  I would have thought that it would have remained centered on the top star, the one I clicked.

The script 2DPlot clearly shows two peaks, one for each star.

Anyway to fix this so DynamicPSF will measure two distinct stars?