Author Topic: New user with lots of questions (DSLR) - processing hints?  (Read 1216 times)

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Hi everyone,

just started the trial for PI and am looking for some input. I picked up astrophotography some months ago and have been using DSS with some Photoshop up to now. But I feel that some potential of the shots is lost without using a tool like PI.

First of all, I found it fairly frustrating to figure out a good workflow for me as a DSLR user. I ultimately stumbled across - and that sort of got me started. So maybe something worth looking into from the developers point of view?

Anyway, while the stacking part is coming together, I am somewhat lost still when it comes to turning the stacked image into something worth showing around. There are just too many options and I have yet to find a down-to-earth tutorial that matches my needs.

As an example, I recently tried my luck with the Leo triplet - but am worried about the amount of noise in the shot etc. Can this be turned into something good?:

Carbon Newton 200/800, Canon 1000Da, EQ6, Mgen autoguider
25*180sec light
10*180sec dark
20 bias
20 flats

The whole raw data can be downloaded here: - if anyone would like to look at it.

My "best" stack is available here:

Maybe someone just ran out of images to process and would like to give it a go, let me know how they approached this data? Also, happy about constructive feedback. I do know that this shot would need plenty more bias, flats and especially light shots. And I am only slowly optimizing the guiding (will send the EQ6 for tuning in the next few days).

Clear skies!

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Re: New user with lots of questions (DSLR) - processing hints?
« Reply #1 on: 2016 June 21 18:52:13 »

First off there are lots of great sites with tutorials on PI.  One of the best places to start is Harry's Astroshed.  Also, though it is focused on CCD imaging, I have an extensive workbook that I share free of charge and if you would like a copy, just drop me a line at  Once you get by the pre-processing steps, I think you will find it helpful.

Also, search DSLR on the forums.  I see lots of posts on that topic as well and you should find lots of good stuff in here to help with that aspect.


Really, are clear skies, low wind and no moon that much to ask for? 

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Re: New user with lots of questions (DSLR) - processing hints?
« Reply #2 on: 2016 June 26 09:42:21 »
You can find a dslr workflow at
Links are in the tutorial section of this forum.

Good luck


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Re: New user with lots of questions (DSLR) - processing hints?
« Reply #3 on: 2016 June 28 16:49:13 »
Hi Marc, welcome to the forum.
This processing example is a possible approach to your image. As you have said, more images will help to have a better SNR, and also to have a better masterbias (or superbias). An integration of about 300 bias would be perfect.
Hope this helps,
Saludos, Alejandro.