Author Topic: New INDIClient Module Released  (Read 31653 times)

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Re: New INDIClient Module Released
« Reply #120 on: 2017 January 23 01:14:42 »
The key word here is diversity. Diversity is one of the most important things for me, not just in software development. PixInsight is to pursue excellence, culture and diversity in software development and image processing. That's why it is being developed on four platforms. And that's why when a developer starts a project like INDIClient, well designed, well implemented, and with a clear multiplatform orientation, I can only but support it. The same happens with many other development projects in PixInsight, and I wish there were many more, and very diverse. It's not just a matter of my personal interests, it's just how PixInsight is.

What happens with XISF is different. It has to do more with punched cards and magnetic tapes being used in the 21st Century. Not physically, but virtually, which is even worse. It they were physical, at least they would be nice from a museum perspective. Yes, I know, XISF won't be adopted easily. And yes, I know, it is being seen as a threat in some very 'remarkable' circles. But I honestly think we're doing a good and very necessary work with XISF, and you know, that's what motivates me.

As for people trying to 'lock out' people, well, that is something that never works in the long term. In any event, 'locking out' is something in which I have no interest. It's too boring.
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Re: New INDIClient Module Released
« Reply #121 on: 2017 January 23 04:45:13 »
Please let me note that this project has been started by a PixInsight user. Please respect his own choice; I simply don't understand why one user can put an opinion on the choice of another user's free time. The discussion whether PixInsight should or should not have a set of acquisition tools is out of place in my opinion because what you're really discussing is about that user's free time.

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