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Absolute Path in .drz Files
« on: 2016 May 04 22:05:17 »
Hi All - I've been using PI for a little over three years with great success, it's a wonderful tool.  However, I recently had to move my projects to a different computer (Win 7) that has a slightly different directory structure.  In this particular project (M33), I had completed generation of drizzle data via image integration on the old computer, then moved to the new.  When I tried to use DrizzleIntegration on the new system/location, I received errors indicating the .fit files associated with the .drz files couldn't be found (it's a lengthy path, so have snipped the excess):

Loading image:
*** Error: C:/<snip>/imaging/m33/final/R/c_cc/ No such file.

After looking more closely at the errors, the path where it was looking to find the .fit files was from the old computer and, when I opened the .drz files, they also contained absolute paths for that old system:


The new system path injects an 'Astronomy' directory, so the path should be:


I've read that project files are self-contained, but this doesn't appear to be the case for .drz files.  I can, as a workaround, modify the directory structure temporarily, but am I possibly missing a setting, misunderstanding...or is this a bug?  I haven't seen any other reports, so maybe I'm missing something.  I'm using PI version

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Re: Absolute Path in .drz Files
« Reply #1 on: 2016 May 11 01:00:00 »
Hi Chris,

On the DrizzleIntegration tool, open the Format Hints section and specify an input directory. This directory will override all directories included in your .drz files. In your case it seems the input directory should be:


This will allow you to move your .drz files to a different filesystem without problems.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team