Author Topic: New PI user in Demo version- Need opinion on my data for IC 1396  (Read 751 times)

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Greetings everyone, first time poster. I've been using ImagesPlus and Photoshop to do my assembly and wanted to try out PI. Demo activated a few days ago. I have the basics down (Calibration, Registration, etc.) but I am struggling with Narrowband processing on my very first serious Narrowband attempt (IC 1396 Elephant's Trunk Nebula).

I would love for someone to download my data and post a result to show me what PI is capable of. Here is the data:

And here are my attempts at processing IC 1396 using my existing old methods. It's been an interesting progression:

I don't have my first attempt in PI available but it wasn't all that great. I was trying to follow a tutorial on LightVortexAstronomy but I got stuck at the PixelMath procedure where I couldn't get the right color balance.

I am using a CGEM with SV80 Triplet. Also using a QSI683 with HA (5nm), SII (3nm) and OIII (3nm). Shooting through heavy light pollution with 20 minute subs all binned at 2x2.

I don't think my data is the best and I'd love some constructive criticism on it as well if you have any. I think there's heavy gradient but I can't seem to remove it even with the gradient removal tool.