Author Topic: Histogram: show number and percent of pixels with current value  (Read 1766 times)

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it would be great if the histogram showed the number of pixels and the % of total pixels that fit in the current x bucket. I now zoom in but that's eyeball work that really should be numeric for accuracy. It would allow me to move the black point and white point more accurately. I realize that the percentage settings at the bottom can help but frankly the readout is something I'm surprised is missing. So maybe it's not and you'll tell me where it is :)

At the same time I've noticed that the histogram sliders are 'sticky'. When I move them it takes half a second or more before they follow the mouse. This is on a P4D@2.8G with a 3000x2000 (approx) RGB image. Not a race horse but we can't all have 8 cores on our desktop, can we? I can't help but think the stickyness is a recent thing that wasn't present in earlier versions but I have no proof.

I've also noticed that sometimes the cursor doesn't reappear after I move off the histogram graphic into the the lower part of the dialog.

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