Author Topic: Perseid Movie done with Blink  (Read 1111 times)

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Perseid Movie done with Blink
« on: 2015 August 12 23:02:52 »
Not exactly a Gallery image!

Last night was a terrible night to image a meteor shower where I live. Clouds and more clouds. Water dripping from everything. And that is on top of that being at sea level in a very light polluted area. So I did a very simple capture from 1AM till 4:30am. 6 second exposures with 9 second delay between exposures. The camera, lens and memory card. An intervalometer and a tripod. Simple. 864 poor exposures. As the night would go on I would go out and try to recenter the camera on the Double Cluster. So I caught planes, satellites and some meteors. But mostly I got clouds.

I automated the processing(had to) using a process container and image container. I let DSLR_Raw color balance the images, no calibration files. I used AutoHistogram to equalize the images at the end of the standard processing. This worked great. I then used Blink calling ffmpeg to make a mp4 video. I even did video scaling from within Blink. I made a small resolution animated gif from within Blink again calling ffmpeg.

The video is short at just over a minute. The gif is the same length. They both cover the full 3.6 hours.

Not a great video or gif but I so like the power of PixInsight. All processing was done within PI and only calling ffmpeg from within Blink. Nothing outside the PI environment.

The video.

The animated gif.