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NGC 6744
« on: 2015 June 24 22:36:17 »
This was taken over the last new moon weekend. It's a big galaxy, but has really faint surface brightness. I had to push quite hard to bring out decent colour.
The link is here Click on the image for a huge version.
Telescope: 12.5" Plane Wave CDK
Mount: AP900
Camera: FLI Proline 16803
Exposure: 6 x 10min each of L, R, G and B, all binned 1 x 1.
FOV: 48' x 47'
Processing: PixInsight
Processing was quite straightforward.  First the colour: Combine R, G and B channels, DBE, BN, ColorCalibration, HistogramTransform, TVGDenoise.  Then work on L: DBE, Deconvolution, HistogramTransform.  Combine colour and luminance with LRGBCombination.  Using appropriate masks and CurvesTransformation increase the saturation.  Denoise with AtrousWaveletTransform.  Finish with some Histogram adjustments.
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