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Beginners M101 needs help
« on: 2015 May 19 09:08:47 »
Hello together,

I have recently started as an astrophotographer and try my best at learning PI. My last attempt was M101 and I really wonder how good / bad my processing is. I have uploaded a stack of my frames and it would be really awesome if someone of you more experienced users could show me a processing example on it so I can compare it to mine. I really don't know if I am doing things well or completely wrong at the moment.

This is my result so far:

The equipment used is:

- Lacerta 72/432mm Doublet (same as the Megrez 72)
- Advanced VX Mount (unguided)
- EOS 1000D unmodified

Here the link to the stack:!yYIHWBDQ!suov6V2q90pkYJdo1e0bboLRSnJIyX_QI01rWaHEL9c
I also did a 2nd stack that I think came out better:!uE4iSS7Y!K1A5TaciFUv0FdneUzHLDfo947vQ9-YM5EIW-quikUg
The workflow I used is this:

I struggle with fine tuning of the parameters in each step but your kind words give me hope that I am not doing it completely wrong! I want to try to get my stars in better shape (there are some iron cross artefacts around the bright ones because of the way the 72mm ED is build on the inside) but I am not so good at doing star masks at the moment. But the thing that bothers me the most is that I have a lot of "blobby" large scale noise in the background. It seems that I trade all my small scale noise for this "blobby" noise I have now. I also feel like my background is way brighter than it should be. Another thing is that I tried to do deconvolution but I just can't get it to work. I made a linear mask, a star mask for deringing support and used 50 stars for a dynamic psf but the results were extremely horrible.

If anyone does this, thanks a lot already! I am also thankful for every critic, feedback and tip you can give me!

Regards, Denis!