Author Topic: Need Help with NRGB Starreg and Sizes  (Read 1492 times)

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Need Help with NRGB Starreg and Sizes
« on: 2015 February 24 04:45:44 »
Hello All
 I’m stuck in the process and I have no clue how to continue.
I have preprocessed all images with PI. RGB channels were done fully automated (registered, calibrated and integrated) whereby H-Alpha and OIII were registered and calibrated automatically and then integrated manually. The combination of RGB was done with Channel combination.
I did a dynamic crop on RGB (on each channel) and used the same dynamic crop also on OIII and H-Alpha. The problem is, that H-Alpha and OIII are both different size and also different to RGB. RGB has all the same size.. No clue what happened.
Nevertheless, my main problem is as follows: I want to integrate H-Alpha to the RGB image by using the NRGB Script. Now I got always the error that the image sizes does not match which is true. But how to crop the images that they have the same size and are registered to each other (stars from RGB should match H-Alpha and/or OIII). If I crop the images first to the same size and I use the NRGB Script the stars do not match but integration is possible. Do I need to do a different combination first (other than NRGB Script) crop it (when they are combined) and then split it again? Has anyone an idea how to continue respectively what to do? I know how to integrate RBG with HA-OIII with other products but I want to do everything with PI. I would be happy if someone can help me out here…

Thanks in advance

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Re: Need Help with NRGB Starreg and Sizes
« Reply #1 on: 2015 February 24 06:21:32 »
Have a look at the StarAlignment process. It is able to align images to each other, and as part of the process matches the dimensions. After that NRGB will have images of identical size to combine.

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Re: Need Help with NRGB Starreg and Sizes
« Reply #2 on: 2015 February 24 06:36:44 »
Hi Francesco,
When I need to crop different pictures to the same size, I like first to StarAlign my images , choose the reference images, open DynamicCrop tool, define the crop size, look the value reported in width and height and before applying it to the picture,I do a new process icon, moving the little blue triangle at the bottom left of the DynamicCrop tool to the work space. Then I apply the DC tool to my reference image and close the dynamic process. I select a second image and move the new created process icon to it, I check if the size is the same as the reference image and apply it then close the dynamic process and so on.
Before moving to integration process your different images should have the same size.
Searching in the forum, you will find many post about cropping images.
Enzo PixInsight resources link above is helpful even if it's not related with multiple images crop.
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Re: Need Help with NRGB Starreg and Sizes
« Reply #3 on: 2015 February 24 12:57:05 »
Hi Georg and Antoine,

You both made my evening  :P It works now. Finally. Now my eyes can recover from excessive watching and concentration and I will find sleep again. Great! I was even at the StarAlignment process yesterday but somehow I missed the final step. A piece was missing. I followed Antoines explanations and it worked. One strange thing happend. If I do an apply Global, it doesnt apply it on H-Alpha. If i do it image by image it works. It works even with an already integrated RGB. Doesnt bother me really if it doesnt work on apply global :-)

Thanks guys for helping me out!