Author Topic: PixInsight TUTORIALS Complete!  (Read 7941 times)

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Re: PixInsight TUTORIALS Complete!
« Reply #15 on: 2015 February 11 21:43:58 »

A simple step by step example - say converting a picture to pure black and white - would do for now.
Possibly defining a variable of grayscale as threshold, and use a checkbox to invert.
Also the global functions - "apply" "apply globaly" "reset to default" "preview window"... should be covered superficially

After thinking about this for a while it dawned to me, that the already available process "RangeMask" should be covering exactly that - besides featuring two thresholds.

Will have a look into this script.
Possibly I can figure out whats going on.
Doing the same with PixelMath is dead simple - so I have hope.