Author Topic: XISF Version 1.0 Specification - DRAFT 3  (Read 1658 times)

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XISF Version 1.0 Specification - DRAFT 3
« on: 2015 January 28 05:50:28 »
A new version of the XISF specification document (third public draft) is now available online:

(you may need to refresh your browser). The entire PIDoc source code is also available:

This version is a significant step forward and, in my opinion, quite close to a final format specification.

Main changes:

- New TimePoint property type.

- Dropped the String8 and String16 property types. All text contents are now UTF-8 in XISF, so there is only a String type.

- New Reference core element.

- Formalization of a set of standard properties of astronomical images.

As always, thanks to the people who are helping me with this project.
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