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PixInsight Ripley Released
« on: 2015 August 02 18:00:03 »
Hi all,

Version of PixInsight for Linux and Windows is now available. Hopefully, this is the final 1.8.4 release. Build 1170 introduces the following changes and features:

- Automatic adaptation to high-dpi display resolutions is now disabled for resolutions below 1920x1200. This improves the initial behavior of the core application on small laptops.

- An ugly screen rendering bug on Windows has been fixed:

- This release includes the latest versions of the ImageSolver, Annotation, AlignByCoordinates and AperturePhotometry scripts, which have been released this afternoon by Andrés del Pozo. These versions fully support image plate solving by surface splines.

- A new reference documentation package is available for this version with up-to-date documentation for new script versions.

For detailed information on the new 1.8.4 release, see the announcement of version that I posted yesterday.

Thank you.
Juan Conejero
PixInsight Development Team