Author Topic: Problems saving drizzled images.  (Read 765 times)

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Problems saving drizzled images.
« on: 2014 November 14 02:43:43 »

I am having some problems recently with saving images.
I have aligned the calibrated fits with drizzle data, then used image integration and drizzle integration as described on this forum to create a drizzle image. That image is generated without issues, and it looks good in STF. However, when I try to save it, I get the following error:

PCL Exception: PCL FITS Format Support: FITS file write error:
CFITSIO error message stack:
01 : Numerical overflow during type conversion while writing FITS data.
<* failed *>

This happens both under Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14, in Pixinsight 1.8.0 and 1.8.02 and 1.8.03. Also tried saving all fits formats: 32 bits, 8 bits, 64 bits, signed & unsigned etc, same result. Any suggestions?
I will also mention that calibration was done under Maxim not Pixinsight, however this shouldn't matter. I have tried stacking the same images without drizzle, and the result was saved successfully.

I appreciate any help with this, thank you