Author Topic: Globular Cluster M 3  (Read 1041 times)

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Globular Cluster M 3
« on: 2014 April 18 08:11:38 »

this target was captured over 5 hrs or 60 x 5 min LRGB (75:75:75:75). The R, G and B frames where binned 2x2. This concept of unbinned L and binned color frames is still in my head but in fact, it is an unneccessary overhead which also implies the risk, if you register with the wrong interpolation. Not to speak about having different calibration frames prepared.

M 3 is actually the 1st one on my flickr page:

I used standard PixInsight methods and reduced the noise with the more advanced TGVDenoise. Some stars show unwanted turquoise spots in their outer region. I believe, those are produced by a poor parameterization of the deconvolution process.

Thanks for looking

Hartmut Bornemann
TOA-150, ML8300, CFW2-7 w. Astronomik HaLRGB, PDF, EM-400, guiding FS-60 + ST402, ASCOM bsd. image acquisition