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Carlos Milovic:
Today we start a new challenge, to test our new deconvolution tool against the old ones. So, we ask you to give your best shot to the test images that we'll post here. The best results are going to be included here. Please try to use all the algorithms avalaible right now (Constrained Least Squares or Wiener filters in RestorationFilter and Regularized versions of Richardson-Lucy and Van Cittern in Deconvolution, specially).

Test 1: Bigradient image - without noise
This is a simple test, without noise to complicate things. Do your best to get sharp edges and as less ringing artifacts as you can.
Image: http://pteam.pixinsight.com/decchall/bigradient_conv.tif
PSF: http://pteam.pixinsight.com/decchall/psf.tif

Test 2: Bigradient image - with gaussian noise
To make things more difficult, let's add a bit of noise to the image. In this case, 10% of gaussian noise. Please, do not use noise reduction algorithm here.
Image: http://pteam.pixinsight.com/decchall/bigradient_convnoise.tif
PSF: http://pteam.pixinsight.com/decchall/psf.tif

Good luck, and thanks for giving it a try!!!

Alejandro Tombolini:
Hi Carlos, I think that it is almost impossible with the actual tools to recover the original information of the image  >:D

Without noise I have applied a convolution to reduce the lines generated for applying Van Cittert in Deconvolution without regularization.
With noise I also used Van Cittert but this time with regularization.

Waiting for the new tool!!!  :)

Saludos, Alejandro.

Carlos Milovic:
Thank you for your results, Alejandro! It is not much surprise that Van Cittern performed better here than other algorithms (RRL and CLS/W). If we remember correctly, Van Cittern outperforms them in lunar images, which are quite similar to this test: strong edges and smooth, quite constant features.

The new deconvolution tool, TGVRestoration is right now on the optimization stage. Meanwhile, we are trying to know how the parameters behave and how it stands against our previous tool. Just as a token of what is comming, here is the result of the first challenge (without noise). Please, keep the results coming. I'll post the result of the second challenge in a couple of days.

As you can see, there are only small artifacts at the corners of the square.

Philippe B.:
It looks promising !!!!!  :tongue:

Thanks for these exciting new features >:D

Please optimize quickly ! Cannot wait 3 months :laugh:

Alejandro Tombolini:
Hi Carlos, the only way of not to say all I should to represent how excited I am with this new tool is with a Spock-like answer. "Fascinating"

Saludos, Alejandro.


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