Author Topic: Basic Atik single shot color question  (Read 1509 times)

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Basic Atik single shot color question
« on: 2013 December 23 18:11:56 »
Hi All,

I have a basic problem extracting and viewing the color data from the RAW FIT files that are shot from my CCD camera direct loaded onto my desktop. The process is:

1) Take several individual images of DSO with Atik 420c
2) As images are taken they are downloaded to laptop as FIT formatted images
3) When I import the images into Pixinsight or other application the image comes up gray scale though the color information is there

I know that I can (so I've been told) process the color in Dawn or other programs. I am trying to avoid this because the number of stacks can be numerous and inefficient to process. Does anyone have any idea how I can expose the color information embedded in the FIT image file using PI?


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Re: Basic Atik single shot color question
« Reply #1 on: 2013 December 23 23:23:48 »
hi - yes, even color images from OSC cameras start life as mono files. this is expected and correct.

you need to use the "Debayer" process to debayer your images.

or, if you are using BatchPreProcessing to calibrate your images, be sure to check "CFA Images".

it's a good idea to try with Debayer first because you may have to change the bayer matrix setting. if pixinsight's fits reader direction is opposite from how the fits file was written out, you may need to change from RGGB to BGGR.