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Sample LRGB files
« on: 2006 February 15 19:22:22 »
Hi there I'm new to this group and this program but it looks fantastic so far.

I may have missed them but it would be great to have some of the origional tutorial LRGB files on a webserver somewhere to try some of the tutorials with. I currently have only a B&W ST7 without a filter wheel and want to see what I may be able to achieve and how much effort the processing is before I spend my dollars on a filter wheel etc.

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« Reply #1 on: 2006 February 16 07:50:10 »

You may try the DSS data... look at the POSS2 gallery by Vicent Peris (at PixInsight's homepage) and you'll see the links to get the raw images. They are scanned plates by a Schmidt camera, not ccd ones, but you'll find very good pics there, with a lot of information, and it is a perfect way to start pulishing your processing skills.