Author Topic: HELP - StarAlignment on Poor Data - Slow Scope  (Read 1216 times)

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HELP - StarAlignment on Poor Data - Slow Scope
« on: 2013 October 16 19:41:20 »
Hi Pix-Insight world.

I have been really struggling to get Star Alignment to match any of my images.
After Binning, ACDNR etc..I am able to get a decent Star detection finding about 10 stars with maybe another 10 detected that are spurious noise.  However I cannot get any Star Matching to happen.. and I'm pretty sure i have tried every permutation  :(

I know my data is really poor/noisy/coma etc,  however i believe with this (DSLR coupled straight to Mak) setup (and without using my Reducer) that i can get salvage-able images..

examples of two subs

Images taken with my super slow 8" Maksutov f/12.5. ..and also have to deal with huge Light Pollution.
Regrettably, I managed to get DeepSkyStacker to register all of my subs with superpixel binning checked, but It would be really disappointing if i couldn't Stack in PI !!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated   
Cheers guys