Author Topic: NGC 225 - Pulling out nebula and dust?  (Read 1575 times)

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NGC 225 - Pulling out nebula and dust?
« on: 2013 October 11 19:50:34 »
First off, a big thanks to everyone who helped me in the other forum getting my calibration right, particular Rob and Carlos. It was a pain but well worth it!

However, now I'm stuck. I've been able to go further than the attachment but what I'm really trying to do is pull out the faint nebula and, hopefully, some of the dust clouds in this region. I'm afraid I just didn't get enough data. Unfortunately, I've been clouded out the past couple of nights so that's not in the cards.

I've attempted through PI and PS doing wavelets, masks, transforms, you name it. I'm lost now. So, if anyone can tell if I even have the data there and just point me in the right direction I would be truly appreciative!



P.S. I do know the calibration wasn't 100% perfect as I have some very faint details buried deep across the image - not sure from what but it's better than what I had last time.

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Re: NGC 225 - Pulling out nebula and dust?
« Reply #1 on: 2013 October 16 00:57:09 »

Take a look at the tutorials by Gerald Wechselberger here:

In particular: Howto_enhance_nebuala_without_pushing_stars

Gerald has produced wonderful and clearly explained tutorials making extensive use of PixelMath.