Author Topic: Horsehead nebula and Alnitak region (B33 (IC434), NGC2023, NGC2024, IC435)  (Read 1619 times)

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My new attempt for this amazing region of the skies, actually I took this image as one of the tests of my new astrograph.

Image details
AG 300/2,9 (mirror F4 reduced by ASA 2korrr)
250 min. Ha, 180 min. RGB
Camera G2-8300 mono
Baader RGB, Astronon Ha 5nm
G53f guided with Lacerta Mgen2

Processed 100% in Pixinsight.

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Excellent image with natural look.
Skywatcher ED 80/600 with FF/FR x0.85; HEQ5-pro mount
SBIG ST-8300M, FW5 with Baader LRGB Ha7nm filters