Author Topic: How far can I take this M31?  (Read 1315 times)

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How far can I take this M31?
« on: 2013 August 26 05:10:54 »
Some notes about the equipment: I did not have a coma corrector. Flats were taken days later (after I finally figured how to do it) but I think close to how they would've come out originally (camera orientation, shutter speed, iso, hopefully focus).

In addition, I got far too close to the galaxy.

I've taken the tiff (linked below) and done some decent processing but it's quite pathetic imo. These are 50 images at 8 seconds, 6400 iso.

I'm getting into the habit of some processing methods as I've done somewhat decent w/ star fields but having trouble processing this and M57 (Ring). So curious as to what someone can pull from this and at least give me an idea of how much farther I should be going).

Integrated TIFF file: