Author Topic: Pixinsight 32bit made intentionally useless?  (Read 1315 times)

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Pixinsight 32bit made intentionally useless?
« on: 2013 August 12 05:12:29 »
I am using Pixinsight on my W7 64 for processing, but I have older W7 32 notebook for the equipment control. I know W32 is not supported, but I do not understand why some functions of the W32 Pixi were removed totally. It would be VERY useful for me (and I belive also for other gentleman) to have at least screen transfer function for the fast check, even respectivelly of aligned and integrated lights. Unfortunatelly there are also curves and histogram functuons missing, so basically the Pixi on my old notebook is useless. I belive it would not be big deal to keep at least one of the above mentionned functions working on the obsolete 32 bit pixi.

Thanks to the Pixi team for answer.

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Re: Pixinsight 32bit made intentionally useless?
« Reply #1 on: 2013 August 12 06:50:57 »
Hi Jan

There could be a problem during the installation. PI for 32bits should have the same processes as the 64bits release. Try resetting it, by launching the program with the "Ctrl" key pressed down. If after that you have not those processes back, try manually installing them at "Process > Modules > Install Modules" in the main menu.

Also you may consider having a corrupted installation file.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Pixinsight 32bit made intentionally useless?
« Reply #2 on: 2013 August 12 07:20:18 »
I have been runing the 32-bit version on a Dell M2400 laptop with no problems since I bought it about ?6 months ago.  What is the exact hardware?  Sounds like a bad install.

BTW  There are speed tests and the 32-bit with an SSD get comparable speed to a 64-bit with a regular hard drive.

There are also tweeks you can use to increase available RAM from 2 Gb to 3 GB. 

Hang in there... it does work. 
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