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Additional Paint Feature
« on: 2008 January 08 09:15:28 »
Hi PI guys,
                   It would be really useful (on those rare occasions when you really need it) to have a black or white or grey pen to mask out a particular feature by hand.

I've used the Paint feature which seems to be a bit like a 'clone brush'. This is nice, but can be a bit limiting. I can imagine wanting to simply blacken a large part of a mask by hand simply because it might be quicker than trying to come up with an elegant way of doing it using the various other modules. Sometimes you just want to use brute force and say 'mask this bit here!'.

A simple pen feature might be really quick and simple. And a pen is mightier than a sword!  :lol:

If you wanted to go overboard on it, the pen could let you change the size, softness, greyness, etc.

Apologies if someone else has already asked for this!