Author Topic: Questions About Processing DSLR Images  (Read 1387 times)

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Questions About Processing DSLR Images
« on: 2013 February 07 18:48:04 »
I am processing DSLR images with PI for the first time and have some questions.

1) Is it best to save images as the proprietary camera RAW or FITS from the collection software?
2) Should all images (including flats, darks and biases) be Debayered as the first step in PI?
3) Once everything is Debayered, can all images be treated the same as regular monochrome camera images as far as processing in PI?

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Re: Questions About Processing DSLR Images
« Reply #1 on: 2013 February 07 19:23:15 »
1) dunno, i always used CR2 under the theory that nothing is changing the data if you do that.
2) no; flats, darks and biases need to be applied to the lights in raw, undebayered format
3) sort of, usually with a mono CCD you have L, R, G and B images. you can make a 'fake' L channel out of your RGB data but it's not the same as a real Luminance image.