Author Topic: If an acquisition module happens: Dithering every X frames  (Read 8472 times)

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Recently, there have been some posts in a thread that concerns a possible PI image-acquisition module. I don't know if such a module will one day get written, but if so, I'm assuming it would basically replace programs like Maxim.

I currently use Maxim for image acquisition and autoguiding. I like Nebulosity and PHD, but AFAIK, I can't dither if I'm using those programs. So, I use Maxim since it allows me to dither.

If I could add a feature to Maxim - or, better yet, to a hoped-for PI acquisition module - it would be the ability to dither `every X frames'. That is to say, dithering between every single frame, or every fifth frame, or every twentieth frame, or whatever. My reason for this has to do with acquiring frames for HDR composition.

Let's say you're shooting M42. The long frames (say, 5 or 10 minutes each) should be dithered between each frame. That much is straightforward. But in order to avoid burning out the Trapezium, you'll have to shoot some very short frames, say only a few seconds each. If you dither between each of *those* frames, the time required for dithering will eat into the acquisition time significantly. But if you could dither only every 5 frames, or 10 frames, or whatever, that could save a lot of time, and would (I assume) still confer much of the benefit of dithering.

I wish Maxim had this feature. (Or, if it does, I wish I wasn't too dense to find it!  :tongue: )

- Marek