Author Topic: Notifications - are they possible while working outside PI?  (Read 1107 times)

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I often have a PI project open while I'm doing other work. I like to `chip away' at the PI project in between doing other things. I work on a MacBook Pro, using Spaces and Expose (on my Snow Leopard machine, or RealSpaces software on a Lion machine).

Does anyone know if I could do the following? : If I have a process or script running in PI, I'd like to get notified with an audio alert and/or with something like Growl, when the process finishes. For example, if I'm using bitli's VaryParams script, it would be nice to see a little Growl notification when it's done. Same if I'm just running a single Deconv or MMT-denoising run in PI. That way, I could be working in another Space, using some other program, and I'd know when my process or VaryParams run is done.

- Marek

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Re: Notifications - are they possible while working outside PI?
« Reply #1 on: 2012 October 30 22:43:50 »
i have noticed that PI does not even cause the icon to jump in the dock under a lot of circumstances. it would be nice if it would do that when some process has exceeded a (configurable?) amount of run time.

i think it jumps when a script finishes and a dialog appears.

as for growl, etc. probably that is possible only if Qt supports it, but i'm not really sure. maybe juan will notice the thread and have something to say about 1.8 :)