Author Topic: M101 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar  (Read 2583 times)

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M101 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar
« on: 2012 February 05 05:53:57 »
Hello everyone,

This is the first photo I processed completely in Pixinsight from data reduction to post processing. Only the finishing touches are made with CS5. This is also the first photo I am posting here.

I am working on this since the other day and I am not able to judge it anymore. I am not completely happy with it but I need a break now :) I need to work on noise reduction and maybe I will re-process it from stacking onwards.

I guess my focus was not dead on during the exposures. I also see  elongated stars in the corners. Anyways, here it is:

Scope: C11 Edge HD f/10 @ f/2 with Hyperstar 3
Mount: Vixen New Atlux with Starbook
Focuser: Feathertouch Microfocuser
Camera: Canon 550D - Hutech modified
Filters: CLS
Guide: Celestron 9x50 Finder/Guider, Orion SSAG

Exposures: 49x90 second Light @ISO800, 50x Darks, 50 Bias, 50 Flats
Shooting Date/Time 04.07.2011 00:03:00
Acquisition: BackyardEOS
Guiding: PHD
Stacking: Pixinsight
Processing: Pixinsight, CS5
Location: Marmaris - Turkey
Limiting Magnitude:
Temperature: 21.5 C

File Name   M101_LIGHT_90s_ISO800_+32cC_IDAS_876stdev_000350.CR2
Camera Model   Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Firmware   Firmware Version 1.0.8
Shooting Date/Time   04.07.2011 00:03:00
Owner's Name   
Shooting Mode   Manual Exposure
Tv( Shutter Speed )   90
Av( Aperture Value )   0.0
Metering Mode   Evaluative Metering
ISO Speed   800
Auto ISO Speed   OFF
Image Size   5184x3456
Image Quality   RAW
Flash   Off
FE lock   OFF
White Balance Mode   Custom
AF Mode   Manual focusing
Picture Style   Faithful
Sharpness   0
Contrast   0
Saturation   0
Color tone   0
Color Space   Adobe RGB
Long exposure noise reduction   0:Off
High ISO speed noise reduction   3:Disable
Highlight tone priority   0:Disable
Auto Lighting Optimizer   3:Disable
Peripheral illumination correction   Disable
File Size   22506 KB[/quote]

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Re: M101 and companions - C11 Edge + Hyperstar
« Reply #1 on: 2012 February 05 14:00:44 »
Here is rework

Your c/c is welcome

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